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Information Governance

Information Governance

Information governance and the protection of corporate data are top concerns for law firms. To comply with the data side of the Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG), firms must have a clear information governance strategy for which technology systems are foundational. Ensuring that the clients’ documents are organized, that non-public data is secured and that protocols are in place to allow for the destruction of data or its transfer when requested, are prominent aspects within that strategy.

Implementing these changes can be onerous and complex, which is why many firms benefit from an outside expert to advise and oversee the implementation of their IG programs. We’ve worked with hundreds of law firms to do just that.

Our goal is to provide firms with a personalized path to fast, accurate access to information, all while instilling a firm-wide culture of adherence to best practices that combine to alleviate inefficiencies and trim bottom-line costs. The key to our success is our demonstrated experience in working closely with law firms to develop information governance and new business intake strategies aligned with business and risk management goals.

VDS offers a full spectrum of services to improve your operational efficiency, records retention scheduling, industry-specific data compliance, and more. Our services include information governance needs assessment, policy and procedure development, cost containment and new business intake and conflicts of interest process design.

A comprehensive information governance program with automated scanning and secure disposition at its core increases productivity and reduces risk. Secure disposition reduces storage costs and risk of information exposure while digitization ensures all the right people have access to the documents they need no matter where they are working.

True Electronic Workflow

  • True electronic workflow is a process where a paper document is scanned and converted into an electronic file. Software can then index the file so that it can easily be retrieved anywhere. Our approach is to push out personalized electronic records organized like physical files based on your role and what you are working on.

New Business Intake

  • The rapid pace of change in law practice necessitates short turnaround times and easy integration of new files into daily attorney workflows. This is where our New Business Intake process comes in. We’ve designed a process where the transactions are logged and passed automatically to the time and billing system when the approval process has been met.

Automated Job Submission Tracking

  • Our automated job submission tracking allows you to quickly retrieve important case documents and submit and process subpoena requests. And all stored documents are digitally accessible 24/7.

Records Management and Barcoding

  • We remove the daily hassle of managing documents with end-to-end records management solutions – from creation to disposition. Not only will we securely store all your vital records, but our records management services let you:
    • Save physical space
    • Organize physical and electronic records
    • Protect your assets for the full document lifecycle
    • Control your flow of information
    • Grant easy records access to the right employees and stakeholders
    • Maintain full regulatory compliance
Information Governance