About Us

VDS is a leading IT and administrative managed services provider specializing in law firms. Our forte lies in offering Managed Services, Equipment Solutions, FIT software, and Information Governance. With nearly two decades in the legal industry, we have a unique understanding of how to align employees, business processes and technology to move from paper-based to paperless processes to meet the needs of the digital age, improving efficiency in law firm operations. Now, more than ever, with remote and hybrid work becoming the “new normal,” our expertise in information digitization has been helping dozens of law firms as they evolve their workspaces.

VDS is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and has offices in London, UK and Shanghai, China. Founded in 2001 by industry veterans Anthony Forde and James Higdon, our team has a proven track record in the outsourcing and equipment business working with law firms of all sizes. Today, we’re the leader in delivering solutions that drive business transformation for our clients, to help them not just adapt but thrive in this COVID era.


“To empower law firms to achieve their highest efficiency and performance as their trusted IT and administrative managed services provider.”


“We help law firms to optimize their practices while we take care of their people, processes and technology.”