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File Lifecycle Tracking (FIT)

File Lifecycle Tracking (FIT): A Records Management System

File Lifecycle Tracking, or FIT as we call it, is our proprietary records management system (RMS). FIT is an entirely web-based application compatible with different browsers, with a new front-end technology and a SQL back end. FIT moves away from the traditional drill-down “tree form” style of records management to improve search, navigation, and performance. All search results are exportable to Microsoft Excel, including any canned reports or custom reports we might be asked to deploy, to simplify the reporting and report manipulation process.

FIT’s retention and disposition workflow feature identifies physical eligible records up for review – no matter the focus of the review. When a matter is closed, FIT generates an automated workflow with a dashboard that shows records associated with the matter. The user is then given the option to return them to the client, destroy them, send them offsite, or take no action. However, nothing is forgotten, as the dashboard exposes the disposition status of all files.

It's critical today to have a file lifecycle workflow where you track and audit the history of client material from beginning to end. Clients regularly audit how firms handle their files and will ask about a firm’s retention policy. Now is the time to implement a file lifecycle workflow program, if your firm does not have one already.

File Lifecycle Tracking