Managed Services

The “Work Faster And More Efficiently”



  • Whether it is known as the Copy Center, the Print Center, or the Mailroom, the main Document Production Center is a critical component in a firm’s Support Services operation. VDS can and does manage these Copy/Print/Scan centers as well as other critical Support Services such as the Mailroom, Hospitality, Reception, Supplies, etc.
  • Law Firm’s must be efficient in every aspect of their business and Support Services is no exception. We provide expertise in equipment selection, workflow design, staffing and training to establish highly effective operations that improve the way attorneys work.
  • Traditionally, law firm Support Services such as Copy, Records and IT worked in silos and were separated from a technology or workflow perspective. Our focus in managing Support Services is to integrate these services and establish an operation that lays the foundation for an efficient firm wide information workflow.
  • A solid Copy/Print/Scan operation is a critical starting point for all information workflow initiatives. VDS has built a team of operations and technology experts with years of experience establishing and managing effective production centers for a variety of clients. We help our clients choose the right technology and then staff the operation with VDS employees who are not just technically skilled but who also thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses.
  • The VDS vision is to establish a Document Routing Center “DRC” that fully integrates the Copy/Print/Scan functions with Records into an efficient information workflow. Effective management of the Support Services area especially the Copy/Print/Scan services is a critical starting point in that process.
  • VDS also provides support in critical areas such as:
  • Mail
  • Hospitality
  • Audio Visual Set-ups
  • Facsimile
  • Supplies
  • Reception